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  • The Minnesota Legislature began the 2013-14 biennium with a mission to end political games and go to work for all Minnesotans. That’s exactly what we did. We turned a $627 million deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus; completely paid back $800 million owed to our K-12 schools; reversed the direction of rising property taxes across the state; established a Minnesota-based health care system and recognized equality for all. This was done in one year.

    The second year of the session began with a tremendous response to the propane crisis; ensuring all of our school children have access to healthy lunches; tax cuts for middle class Minnesotans and a Greater Minnesota Initiative for economic development. We finished the 2013-14 biennium with new investments for all levels of education, $550 million dollars in middle class tax cuts and a record number of jobs in the state. Folks around Minnesota are calling these accomplishments historic.

    Locally, I fought to complete Moorhead’s flood mitigation project and continue work on Oakport Township’s flood mitigation project; reduce property taxes for border city businesses; appropriate $1.5 million for our Border City Enterprise and Development Zone and secure funding for major improvements at our two Minnesota State campuses.

    This as incredible progress; however, it could not have been done without you. Now we must stand together and continue this progress. The opportunity before us to shape the future of our state has never been more promising. We need to reelect the DFL led Legislature that proved its commitment to work hard and deliver results for all Minnesotans.

    • Reduced property taxes for Minnesota/North and South Dakota border cities businesses by 30%
    • Appropriated $1.5 million for the Border City Enterprise and Development Zone
    • Worked with city groups across Minnesota to improve Local Government Aid and help reduce property taxes
    • Secured funding to complete Moorhead’s flood mitigation work and continue Oakport Township’s flood mitigation work
    • Secured funding for improvements to MSUM and M-State including renovations to M-State’s transportation building
    • Authored legislation to fund Small Business Development Centers around Minnesota
    • Appropriated $250,000 for a study to examine the impacts of North Dakota’s oil production on Northwest Minnesota’s economy
    • Named 2013 Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities Legislator of Distinction for Tax Policy
    • Named 2013 League of Minnesota Cities Legislator of Distinction
  • Minnesota is in an excellent position right now to be better than ever. We are running a budget surplus, our schools are strong and we have a record number of jobs in the state. Now we need to move forward and build a Minnesota where all families have the opportunity to work hard and succeed. Here in our community, I will focus on

    • An improved Border City Enterprise and Development Zone
    • Continuing the work on Oakport’s flood mitigation project

    We also need to focus on transportation during the 2015-16 legislative session. As we develop a 21st century economy, we must construct a 21st century transportation system. This includes roads, bridges, highways and ports. A comprehensive, all-encompassing transportation system will ensure Minnesota is prepared to lead the economy of tomorrow.

    • Minnesota DFL
    • Education Minnesota
    • The Inter Faculty Organization
    • MAPE
    • OutFront Minnesota
    • Former State Senator Keith Langseth
    • Former State Representative and City Councilwoman Diane Wray Williams
    • Former City Councilmember Mark Altenburg
    • Former City Councilmember Larry Nicholson
    • Former City Councilmember Greg Lemke
    • Minnesota Farmers Union Political Action Committee
    • SEIU MN State Council
    • Minnesota Nurses Association
    • Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
    • Minnesota AFL-CIO
    • Sierra Club
    • Greater Minnesota AFSCME Council 65
    • Teamsters Joint Council 32 DRIVE
    • International Union of Operating Engineers No. 49
    • Minnesota DFL Veterans Caucus
    • Young Progressive Majority

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